Your Galaxy S23, How-to Nightography Guide

Helpful Tips Prior to Shoot

Make sure your camera lens is clear of smudges or dirt.

Find a stable surface to place your device so it remains still
while capturing your Nightogrpahy.

The optimal solution is to mount your device on a tripod.

How to Capture Nightography


Open the Camera App from your home screen.

Guide one


Swipe to the right from the requested format to be from 'PHOTO' to 'MORE'(1).

Guide two


Then select the option 'NIGHT'(2).

Guide three


The yellow font '4s' will indicate how long the exposure will be in seconds for your shot(1). Longer exposure will ensure that more light reaches the camera sensor.

Guide four


You can change this between 'Auto' & 'Max'(2) by pressing the yellow font(1) in the viewfinder.

Guide five


After pressing the shutter button the camera will start capturing the image. A timer(1) will begin depending on the exposure set.

Guide six


Hold your camera as still as possible while taking the image. For best results; mount your device on a tripod(2).


After capturing the image – you will find your image in the gallery app as usual(3).

Guide eight